Good day! My skin and make-up routine is important to me and I’m always trying to find new products that will make my skin glow. These products are my essentials and I always have them on hand. I’ve been using most of these products for years and have nothing but good reviews about each and everyone of them.

My sister suggested that I use the Urban Decay setting spray a couple months ago and I’m in love. It’s seriously amazing! My make-up stays on all day and keeps my face free of oil. I highly recommend this product.

BareMinerals and Boscia have apart of my  routine for many years and I do not plan on retiring them anytime soon. The Boscia masks are also really good and will make your skin feel and look like new.

Have a Dazzled Day!


Cleansing Gel       Blush          Mascara      Eyeliner      Brow Wiz   Brow Powder

Eye Brightener      Contour Palette      Setting Spray     Primer     Foundation


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