Hello, babes. It’s that time again, the weekend is over and the work week is about to begin again, so I thought I’d bring some happiness to my wardrobe today. Francesca’s has had some really cute clothing pieces that are pretty fab. I love how on trend they are, but without the high prices. I happened to find this top last weekend while roaming the mall and I couldn’t resist.

I have some exciting news, I have started a new journey in the world of teaching. I have been studying tirelessly for my Florida Teaching Certificate and thought I’d get my feet wet and some experience under my belt before taking the exam. And…you’re looking at the newest teacher’s assistant at a cute little private school. My hope and goal is to eventually be an official teacher at the school once I get my license and if there is a teaching spot available. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

Cheers to new adventures in 2017.

Have a Dazzled Day!




Shoes (Color no longer available, similar Here)



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